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RnD has been in the business of creating software to save money for online users and automate complex online tasks for almost ten years. We started by supplying utility software for the MS-DOS based version of the PRODIGY Service and with the advent of PRODIGY's Windows base software, developed a Windows based utility that delivered all the features of our MS-DOS based software and added even more usability features than ever before. We sold over 75,000 copies of our PRODIGY enhancement software.

As we watched America Online grow, we received requests to develop similar utility software designed to work with the newly released AOL 2.5 Software for Windows. We're pleased to announce the Royston Utilities for AOL.

RnD also has developed other commercial software - RnD's Engineer's Toolbox and ClipSpell - that save time and increase productivity.

RnD's Custom Programming department provides top-of-the-line programming.  We have experts in many fields that can be called in if necessary to aid in the planning phase for each project.  We specialize in developing user interfaces that make powerful programs easy to use.  We don't just provide programs - we provide solutions.

Meet our head programmer.

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