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This "how to" instruction teaches residential and business owners and contractors helpful tips for removing all types of wallpaper without steaming.  SAVE TIME AND MONEY.

Whether you are a professional or novice, traditional steaming of wallcoverings is messy, costly and at times dangerous.  This pamphlet was designed for both the home improvement and interior decorating industries.  It provides safe, quick and easy methods of paper removal on both drywall and plasterwall construction.

Home owners who are considering a room addition or remodel can save hundreds of dollars on expensive experts who overcharge to do simple paper stripping and adhesive removal in their home.

General contractors can also save time and money on subcontractors and painters who know secrets that are in this pamphlet.

People who have benefited from this guide include:

This guide is sure to help those in the wallpaper industry and building industry get their job done safely and quickly with little trouble.

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