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B.S., Computer Science, California State University, Fullerton, December 1989
B.A., English, California State University, Fullerton, December 1989
Minor, Applied Mathematics


President, Royston Development (RnD), Chino Hills, CA, December 1988 to present. Develop custom and commercial software for engineers and the online community. RnD has sold over 80,000 copies of its commercial software. Responsible for all aspects of the business: software development, finance, marketing, technical support, training support personnel, software distribution, hiring contractors and various outside services. Directly responsible for designing and developing all aspects of the commercial software.

Columnist, Powder / Bulk Solids Magazine, January 1997 to present. Provide a bimonthly column helping Engineers understand and harness the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Co-Founder/Expert Consultant, Myriad Innovations, Placentia, CA, May 1997 to present. Technical consulting firm, combining experts from a variety of technical fields, including Ph.D.s in applied mathematics and statistics. Responsible for scoping and modeling projects, as well as implementing the technical and mathematical algorithms as software for in-house calculations and client software.

Vice President, Instant Data Processing, Inc, La Habra, CA, January 1983 to December 1988. Responsible for research and development of new software technologies, developing custom software projects and dealing with customers.

Commercial Software Development Highlights

Pro-Util: The Prodigy Utilities - The software that launched Royston Development. Pro-Util improves the online experience for Prodigy members by enhancing the interface to the Prodigy Online Service. Sold through our store on the Prodigy Service (Jump: ROYSTON). When Pro-Util was first promoted on Prodigy, Royston Development set the record for the most money earned for the Prodigy Service in a single day. Written in assembly language and Pascal. Technical hurdles included locating and interfacing with undocumented Prodigy software interrupts.

RnD - Engineer's Toolbox - Commercial software for Engineers and Scientists. Includes features for converting between units in 20 categories (miles to meters, etc.), and calculating area and volume of common geometric shapes. It also includes a full function calculator, which can evaluate formulas and graph them over any variable. Written in Delphi.

Royston Utilities for AOL - Windows software to enhance America Online. Offers automatic redial, spell check, macros and dozens of other enhancements to America Online. Written in Delphi. Technical hurdles included hooking into the Windows API to monitor and modify AOL's function requests, and designing a complete macro scripting engine, including variables, file I/O, and string manipulating functions.

ClipSpell - Shareware program which checks spelling in any Windows program and enhances the Windows "clipboard." Written in Delphi. Technical hurdles included the ability to add items to the menus of external programs, and capturing and modifying data sent to the clipboard.

ProSpeak - Software that allowed the visually impaired to access the Prodigy Service. Existing speech software could only process text screens. ProSpeak converted Prodigy's graphical interface into text, so blind members could "read" the screen. Written in assembly language. Technical hurdles included pattern matching, determining the location of the blinking cursor on the graphic display, and interfacing with the ISOS speech API.

KeyPrint / Backseat Driver - Software utilities to control printers under DOS. KeyPrint was a memory resident utility that allowed users to send any command to the printer by pressing a hotkey. Backseat Driver monitored information sent to the printer and converted commands "on the fly". If a software package did not support the user's printer, Backseat Driver would translate standard printer commands into compatible commands. Technical Hurdles included hooking into keyboard and printer interrupts, as well as loading and unloading Terminate and Stay Resident programs. KeyPrint was featured in Byte Magazine's "What's New" section in 1983.

Custom Software Development Highlights

Prodigy Mail Manager - Offline e-mail software written under contract to Prodigy Services. Complete support for all forms of Prodigy messaging, as well as electronically sending faxes and postal letters. Included Internet e-mail with full MIME support for sending and receiving files over the Internet, as well as the ability to import files from a variety of word processors, and a "smart filer" system for automatically filtering messages into user selected folders. The software was written to Prodigy's specifications and was distributed and supported by Prodigy. Technical hurdles included writing an editor, designing a database system, precisely matching Prodigy and Internet file formats, and creating modules that could be automatically updated by file transfer.

WinBlow - Windows Blower Sizing program, written under contract to Pacific Pneumatics, Inc. Completely automates the engineering and quoting of pneumatic conveying systems, including sizing of blowers, motors, accessories and piping. Includes a TurboQuote system for instantly pricing projects while the customer is on the phone, as well as modules for printing detailed proposals, fax cover sheets, and certified prints.

Field Reporter - Sophisticated telemetry software written under contract to Pacific Pneumatics, Inc. Field Reporter controls a computer that is linked to monitoring devices attached to equipment in remote locations. Using the Windows version of Field Reporter, customers call the remote site and gather information about the equipment's performance. Written in Pascal and Delphi. Technical hurdles included interfacing with external monitoring devices and remote communications between the two pieces of software (file transfers, etc.)

RnD Spell - Software to check spelling and offer alternatives for misspelled words. Originally part of Pro-Util and Mail Manager, RnD Spell was converted to a Dynamic Link Library and licensed to ConnectSoft for their E-Mail Connection software and to MCI Communications for their InternetMCI software. Technical hurdles included optimizing and compressing the word list (80,000 words into a 135,000 byte file) and creating algorithms to generate and prioritize alternatives for misspelled words.


Columnist for Powder/Bulk Solids magazine. Author of the bimonthly Internet column: "Bulking Up On The Web."

"Fine Lines," published by Houghton-Mifflin, College Division. Book and software to computerize college writing classes; includes brainstorming, outlining and editing. (With Prof. W.H. Koon, Ph.D.)

Community Service

Member, Board of Directors for the Mike Rice Memorial Scholarship fund.
Parent Member of the Committee, Cub Scouts of America, Pack 316, Chino Hills, CA.

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