Royston Development ClipSpell for Windows


Typically, when you copy something to the clipboard, you lose the information that was in the clipboard. ClipSpell will remember the last 20 items you saved to the clipboard.

Our powerful spell checking system will pick the text out of most any program and check it for you. You can also copy text to the clipboard and spell check the contents of the clipboard.




All this and MORE for only $9.95.   (YES, under ten bucks!)

You can download version 1.30 now from our WWW site and try the software in demo mode.

If you have any questions, send a message to RnDSupport on AOL.

Demo mode lets you try ALL of the features before you purchase a key to unlock ClipSpell. Simply download ClipSpell and run it from Windows. 

ClipSpell gives you control over your clipboard and allows you to spell check your work in almost any program.  


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