Pro-Util For Windows

PRO-UTIL for Windows includes many exciting features designed to augment and supplement the basic features of PRODIGY<R> software for Windows. PUW will enable you to get the most from your time spent online (and off!).

Although PRODIGY for Windows includes a powerful macro engine, it is not often easy for PRODIGY members to construct macros. PUMA (Pro-Util Macro Application) provides point and click editing and was designed as a user friendly macro editor. Additionally, PUW provides an 'add-on' macro engine that provides many commands and functions not available in PRODIGY for Windows. You'll be able to construct macros that search for a favorite topic and fill in the date and last visit and even keep track of visits by TOPIC by Board! Don't be intimidated... PUW has many sample macros, and answers to any questions are just a message away.

With PUW, you can add functions to Chat (available to PRODIGY for Windows Version 1.1 users), such as spell checking, an address book that keeps track of Chat nicknames (and of course regular PRODIGY member IDs for use in Email and Bulletin Boards), save a chat session to a disk file, and much more.

The PUW PROSPELL engine works not only with PRODIGY online, but with both E-Mail Connection for the PRODIGY Service and Bulletin Board Note Manager, and adds a multi signature capability, tagline support, and more.

Our utilities for Prodigy (Pro-Util) add many features to the basic PRODIGY for Windows software...

Pro-Util is no longer available since the Prodigy Service no longer exists.

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